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Specific industry standards need to be met to ensure product remains competitive within its respective domain.

re-{test} can help you become more competitive within your domain because we have industry specific knowledge.

Collaboration Software Testing

re-{test} has worked in the collaboration domain for over 10 years.

Cybersecurity Testing

Release high-quality and reliable cybersecurity software with our testing experts.

Legal Engineering Services

Make sure your legal management solution is bug free with re-{test}’s legal tech team..

Retail Application Testing

Retail App domains to confirm that the Point of Sales software is ready for market.

SaaS Testing

We make sure our clients’ SaaS applications receive a comprehensive and custom suite of tests.

Healthcare Software Testing

Need help in ensuring that your healthcare application complies with regulations?

Startup Software Testing

We offer a comprehensive suite of services to startup organizations.

Media & OTT Software Testing

We take a comprehensive and customized approach to testing video streaming applications and OTT software.

Banking And Financial Application Testing

Banking and Financial Application Testing Has NO Room for Errors.


As eLearning software grows in popularity so does the need for it to be tested thoroughly.